Metal Forgings

About Us

Metal Forgings is a leading manufacturer of light to heavy forged components in India. With more than 62 years of experience, strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility we provide superior forging services by merging latest technology, automation and professional expertise.

We have been catering to the needs across sectors of the industries like Refineries, Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Nuclear, Wind, Thermal Power, Hydro Power, Defence, Fertilizer, Construction, Automobile, Fabrication and many other Heavy Industrial sectors.

We aim at providing industry with internationally accepted high quality products on competitive prices meeting stringent forging standards by virtue of merging latest technology, automation and professional expertise, hence being the pioneer of this trade.

Our Brand

Leading metal
forgings industry
in India for over
62 years

Our Unique Selling Propositions Pioneers of the trade

World Class Infrastructure
Precision Equipment
On Time Delivery
Environment Friendly Processes
High Quality Standards